Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Caffeinated Pleasure - Liberty Coffee

Upon the post on Liberty Coffee Facebook fan page sometime in November last year (2012), it was official that they won the votes for the Best ( and the most frustrating ) Guerrilla Cafe' category on Alternative food awards by 8 days magazine, they announced not to open their door that week in attempt to win the award again this year. I had to smile reading the post. I like that someone has got a great sense of humor.

Operated by husband and wife, Terence and Pauline, Liberty Coffee is a wholesale of in-house roasted specialty globally - sourced coffee beans. They also operate the coffee tasting bar, by appointment. Only occasionally that the coffee house will be opening its door to public, hence justified the award.

The board is up on the day they are open
Globally sourced coffee beans roaster
The machine

I accidentally stumbled upon one of  their opened day last year which might be a rare case as other customers seemed to somehow have Liberty Coffee as their destination. I later learned that the opening hours will be announced on Liberty Coffee Facebook fan page along with any special event if any. The shop were quite busy on that afternoon as they featured spreads of artisanal pies and tarts from Windowsill Pies. SadlyI was just a minute too late for it. On the regular opening, however they will  have cakes spreads, homemade by the Pauline which I determined to be back for.

a humble coffee house
Homemade cake spreads
Finally, I made it there again this morning. They are located in the shophouse on a quiet part of Rangoon road just around the corner from L'etoile. The coffee house is not very big, it could house about 20 seaters or so with couple of spare stools at around entrance area. I was surprised that around 10.30 they were already fairly packed. I think it was a good measure of great feedback they are receiving. The clienteles were predominantly females and other young crowds coffee lovers. Today's featured coffees were from Ethiopia and Guatemala, including Guatemala Cup of Excellence (CoE) coffees. Cake options all looked great. There were about 5-6 selections, banana loaf, blueberry muffin, gula melaka pandan cake, lemon poppy cake etc.
the rich Liberty Chocolate cake
the Guatemala long name coffee
After a few minutes discussing options with Terence, whom I believed he was, I went for the Guatemala providencia de atitlan microlot. Wheew! long name. As it might be too light he recommended the Liberty Chocolate cake to go with. Yes, I know. Cake in the morning hah?
As it turned out, the coffee was indeed too light and acidity for my taste. However when I had it with the super rich chocolate cake, they were surprisingly went along well together. I won't have one without another though. At the end I was well satisfied. Though had to hold the thought of trying the Guatemala Cup of Excellence (CoE) coffee for another day. On one note: If they still have it for their next open day :)

Liberty Coffee
131 Rangoon Road,
Singapore 218409

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