Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Off the beaten track - L'etoile

A cute handmade table number tag
Several times we walked pass, cycled pass this small cute corner cafe right within our neighborhood, after heard that they have just introduced a new All day breakfast type of menu this summer, we decided to pay a visit during brunch on Saturday
L'etoile is situated in a two-storey shophouse at the junction of Owen and Dorset road near by little India area. As its location is off the beaten track, it is perfect place to chill and relax on any given afternoon. L'etoile means star in French. This cafe is inspired by an indie cafe in Japan and has French influence in it. With high bay window gives the cafe light and airy atmosphere dinning hall on the ground. The second floor, was surprisingly large dinning room with series of window covered with laced curtains give the room a softer feel.It was packed with diners that time of day so we settle ourselves on a comfortable couch by the window downstairs that turn out to be a good spot to enjoy watching people and activities that were going on outside.

simple service counter on ground floor
cozy corner by the window
second floor dinning hall
From the All day breakfast menu, choices here seemed limited though we heard that they also have a different dinner menu for the evening. Think that would be one of reasons to bring us back here again.

For our selections that day were the big breakfast set, eggs benedict, cappuccino and couldn't resist a good looking roll called chocolate truffle
First came the cappuccino, it was lovely. Very smooth yet has the kick I needed. I would say for this good cup of Joe, I would walk back here anytime.
Our brunch dishes on the other hand were disappointing. First, I think they do need to work on their food presentation skill. No matter how busy the restaurant is every plates come out of kitchen should look decent and consistent. Its a food to the eyes. I had to turn the plates several times to try to get a good shot. Yes we shouldn't judge the book by the cover yet I would say the dishes we ordered were just OK, comparing to what offered by other brunch places out there.

Eggs benedict
Big breakfast set with scramble eggs
Here comes the saver, chocolate truffle roll, it was delicious. Despite slightly dry cake portion the overall taste very good especially with punch of sherries hidden inside the cake - wonderful!

Chocolate truffle roll
It was a good start for the day overall. For the cafe itself , they are still quite new though promising, there are still many aspects to work on but those won't send us off forever just yet. We will definitely be back here to try their dinner dishes. And for me particularly will be back for a cup of coffee at any day!

L'etoile Cafe
160 Owen Road ( nearest MRT is Farrer Park station )
Singapore 218953
+65 6298 2872

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