Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pick-Me-Up @ Group Therapy

It was one of those morning when anticipation set in and things flew fast. Next thing I knew I was already behind to catch the High Tea with the group. While rushing out luckily spot the taxi, believe it or not, there are plenty of them on the street but I find it is hard to flag one down here in Singapore. This one stopped so I was happily hopped in. Somehow the traffic was jam than it would normally be during that time of the day. Then came the A-HA moment, it was just a few days before the famous Formula One starts, most of the streets downtown were closed off to be transformed to racing track. After 30 minutes, I finally reached the up and coming Duxton road. Not very difficult to notice ( if you are looking ) a humble simple blade sign on the second floor was telling me I was at the right building. The entrance on street level is simple with the small indication for me to proceed upstairs.

Group Therapy humble sign
and yes we are at the right place!
Stopped in front of the closed door with hesitation. A second later I was entering to cozy setting room, nice long counter with busy staffs behind. Set of tables and chairs off to the window bay. To my right is an inviting opening to another hall with a little more comfortable couches and armchairs with a long communal type high table set at the end of the hall by the window. Along the long white wall displayed some colorful paintings. At around 3 pm during the weekday, the place is filled yet it has a very relaxing atmosphere to it.

Busy service counter with friendly staffs
Set of  tables and chairs for a more proper dining.
Cozy couches and armchairs in the next room
Group Therapy menu covers, of course, Artisanal Coffee selections. For those who are not coffee drinkers, they also have options of Jing tea, Soda, cider, Draft beer, Wine and surprisingly Sake. What they are know for seems to be their All day Breakfast selections. One of us decided to go for Poached egg with thick toast, smoke salmon, Gruyere and hollandiase sauce. Yep! Another version of my all time favorite, Egg Benedict. 

Poached eggs with thick toast, smoke salmon, Gruyere & hollandaise sauce
For the girls we went for the sweets & fresh bakes section on the menu and I would not miss to try out their coffee. My friend chose to indulge herself with Belgian style waffle with maple syrup and butter. Though I would have added a scoop of Vanilla ice cream with it if it were my order ;). For myself I settle on a cup of Cappuccino and a slice of Key lime crumb cake. 

Belgian style waffle with maple syrup and butter. And we did asked for some extra butter.
Key lime crumb cake
I was a bit disappointed with the key lime crumb cake. Possible that was because I didn't know what to expect out of " crumb cake" in comparison to the more usual pie version. The taste of the cake was good though texture was a little too dry to my taste. My verdict would be I would stick with the traditional key lime pie and its moist and juicy fillings. Uumm yum...
Cappuccino I ordered was great, round and smooth. I could easily have had another cup right then.

Over all was wonderful we had a great afternoon there at Group Therapy and definitely will be back for more.

Group Therapy
49 Duxton Road
Singapore 089513

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