Friday, November 9, 2012

Treats in scoops @ Tom's Palette

Here we go again, coming down like there is no tomorrow. It was a new discovery to me that in Singapore, the rainy season started around September, well may be October if we are lucky and goes on until January next year. I should rephrase it, here in Singapore has quite a uniform temperature ( hot!! ), with no distinctive seasons. I think the best way to define the differences of climates through out the year is to do it in comparative form. So, that would be - Hot - Hotter and Hottest months and Wet - Wetter and Wettest months. Voila!
One of many great things of living in a hot climate city is that it gives me a perfect excuse to indulge myself in my favorite food - ice cream. Is ice cream considered food?  I'll vote Yes! It is frozen dairy deliciousness :) To have ice cream only in hot days, now, that might not always true for me actually, while living in New York and Shanghai, even on cold winter days I had no problem stepping into an Ice cream parlor ( all suited up in winter gears ) for a scoop or two as if it was not cold enough outside. Still remember wonderful trip with girl friends 15 years ++ back in Italy, everyday we had gelato while watching those bello(s) walked by.
In Singapore, We have tried many Ice cream brands, intentionally skipped those international franchises and focus on local ones. My favorites so far are Gelateria Italia, Scoopz, Seven Heaven, Udders and our latest find, Tom's Palette.

Arrays of flavors at Tom's
Wasabi Lime, Longan & Red dates, Salted Egg, Chrysanthemum..yes exactly what you are thinking. Those are just a few of wide arrays of flavors offered at Tom's Pallete. I was impressed with their creativity in coming up with these, you can say crazy & innovative ideas of, flavors. Some of which have blew me away while some didn't make it to my favorite list. Nevertheless they triggered the petite explorer within me and we had great great time trying out many different flavors. Took us close to 10 minutes, the staff were still happily handing us one flavor after another for us to try. Finally we decided to go for our most favorites 4 (so far)- Salted Caramel Cheesecake, Rum Resin, Asian Tea and Hazelnut.  

Pin ups
We also agreed
Ice cream at Tom's Palette are all homemade from scratch with all natural ingredients, there is no stabilizer added. They have been continuing this practice since 2005. The small store tucked away in a corner on first floor of Shaw building is still going strong. I noticed most of customers here were students. Apparently they have been sitting , enjoying their ice cream while expressing there thoughts on napkins. Tables' surface were laminated with many happy snapshots and many ' for the love of ice cream' napkins arts. The long pin board on the wall were also filled with these doodles. We too had fun time browsing through the pin ups, reflected our fun school year.

Tom's Palette team has been creating one new flavor of ice cream every month. Surely we shall return for more.

Tom's Palette
100 Beach Road
#01-25 Shaw Leisure Gallery
Singapore 189702

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