Friday, October 5, 2012

Satisfied - Konaya Curry Udon & Tempura

It became our ritual now that every time I pop into Bangkok, me a my lovely friend will catch each other for an extensive lunch and tea at least once if not more while I am there. We met at the recently opened community mall right around my neighborhood. With a coupon print out in hand, we were expecting to have a feast at a discounted price in the restaurant there specialized in beef, beef and beef. As it turn out we showed up just a day short of 20 days too early. Fail from using the coupon and our stomach were groaning, immediately my friend mentioned, Konaya! We were there once before, their udon was quite good, and myself as a big Japanese curry fan, burst back, Let's go!

The chefs were happily chit chatting
Good pot of green tea that always get refilled during our lunch and a long chat after
Konaya is a chain restaurant from Japan. They have 9 branches in Tokyo, 1 in Taiwan and 2 right here in Bangkok. We were their in an odd hour so the restaurant has a very relax atmosphere. Staffs were very attentive to our questions and ( a lot of ) requests.
As I declare myself a a Japanese curry fan, I would have to say that Konaya curry soup comes on the first in line. The soup has a very unique flavor. With more or less 22 different ingredients and spices in it, it is boiled for 9 hours until it reaches a thick and creamy consistent. Udon in the soup is cooked but has this al dente like texture - firm and chewy just how I like it. Here you can have curry soup plain with just udon for have options of having different topping such as prawn tempura, cheese, vegetable, tofu etc. For us one topping that catches my curiosity was the curry udon with beef gristle and konjak. As hungry as we were, so we went for the large portion order.

Curry udon with beef gristle and konjak
Slow cooked egg. Though the white is slightly runny but the yolk has texture like the soft boiled one. Very good.
The curry udon was serve with a small bowl of rice. Typically to put into the noodle bowl after finish with udon and still has some left over curry soup. Also with a small salad. Both are refillable.
The curry soup was, as expected, absolutely to die for, smooth, flavorful yet not over powering. Beef & tendon were very tender, almost melt in your mouth. I like to also add an extra half boil egg with it. It might sound strange but try it for yourself. It's pretty good.

Udon with clear broth
For those of you who are not fond of thick curry soup, Konaya also has a clear broth option as well. We ordered one with special combo topping. Frankly it didn't make a cut comparing to their famous curry soup.

We were happy & stomach filled at last.
This is though not "the" place to be. But if you are happen to be around at any location they have in the world, I would recommend you to give it a try.

Konaya Curry Udon & Tempura
The nine neighborhood center
999 Rama 9 Road
SuanLuang, Bangkok Thailand

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